Beach Group and French Civilians

Normandy 1944

Kit #: F76203  
Preview by Marc Mercier

This crisply moulded set contains three figures of WW2 French civilians and two British soldiers. Called a beach group by the manufacturer, these figures can be used to create a small "Humint" conference somewhere on the beach of Normandy. No air bubbles or flash can be seen, so clean up is minimal. Detail is sharp everywhere. Two figures need minor assemble.

The British soldiers depicted are one officer, with map and a "tin hat" helmet, and one other ranks having a despatch drivers helmet and a beautiful executed sten gun.
Although one can assume that the civilians belong to the resistance, they are unarmed and are not wearing any badges or brassards that could identify them. One civilian has a distinct French look wearing a typical small cap (only his baguette is missing :-)), the other two can be used everywhere on the Western front.


Although advertised by Dan Taylor Modelworks as being 1/76 scale, this set can easily be used in a 1/72 setting. The figurines are approx 24 mm tall, which would make them 1m82 tall in 1/76 and around 1m73 in 1/72.

Highly recommended.

Review sample purchased by the author.


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Article Last Updated: 25 May 2013