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German Vehicle Fittings & British Vehicle Fittings

Kit #: C-76073 & C-76074 Preview by Dave Showell - showell(at)rogers(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

The British set is particularly interesting, because it offers antenna bases for the Wireless Set 19 radio - the ring on three posts that surround the antenna itself. Most Commonwealth tanks with the No. 19 radio should have these (Sherman, Churchill and Cromwell) but there is no way they can be molded accurately in plastic. The etched brass one that Dan Taylor has produced look quite effective.

The German set includes a whole lot of very nice license plates for German vehicles.

In addition, on both p/e sheets there are loads of usefull stuff, like windshield wipers, plaques for bridging symbols, license plates, side mirror, etc.

British Vehicle Fittings (C-76074)contains:

  • 18 pairs of winscreen wipers
  • 18 pairs of wing mirrors
  • 12 Bridge plates
  • 10 pass plates
  • 7 sight vanes for the Sherman tank
  • 4 sight frames for the Churchill or Cromwell
  • 6 Type 19 antenna bases
  • 2 spanners (wrenches)
  • 5 indicator arms for the Bedford QL

German Vehicle Fittings set (C-76073) contains:

  • 12 pairs of width indicators
  • 8 pairs of wing mirrors
  • 38 license plates (six different styles - some with convoy lights integral)
  • 8 sets of motorcycle license plates

The sets were kind of expensive but they certainly fill a gap.

Review sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 22 January 2012