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WWII Royal Hungarian Army 1942-45

Kit #: 72005 Preview by Dave Showell - dnshowell1(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

So with IGB putting out its line of World War two Hungarian armoured vehicles, I was on the look out for some good figures to liven them up a bit. I know that Hunor has a number of sets but I think they are out of production now, or at least very hard to find.

I was happy to find, then, that D-Day Miniature Studio out of Poland has decided to do a set of appropriate figures. D-Day has put out several set of 1/72nd scale figures already, including two sets of German tankers, a set of Afrika Korps figures, and a set of LRDP figures. All of these sets look great, but are just a bit on the expensive side - about $5 to $6 per figure once shipping is factored in. From this set, I would have to say they are well worth the money however.

As seen in the photo above, you get three figures. They come in a big sturdy box with a photo of the painted figures on the box.

It is a very interesting group. The figure on the left is really the only one who can be identified as an actual tanker. He wears the Italian M35 tanker helmet (or a copy thereof) and a long canvas or leather jacket. Looking a photos from Attila Bonhardt's book "Zrinyi II Assault Howitzer" it seems that the standard uniform for Hungarian tankers was a one piece coverall (at least in the summer) but this figure has a jacket as well, so possibly more of a cold weather outfit. The molding is excellent, with the neck protector of the M35 very delicately molded in place. The pose is relaxed, and in the box photo he has a cigarette between his fingers. Note that he wears the M35 helmet. The Zrinyi II and the Turan tank series both had internal radio systems for communications and the crews therefore wore the 39M radio helmet, which had very noticeable earphones built in, so this figure would be probably better for the earlier Toldi tank or the even earlier Italian L35 tankette.

The middle figure is very elegant and I assume represents an officer. He is wearing the garrison/wedge/side cap that is commonly seen among Honved soldiers. He is also wearing riding breeches and boots and a very "Clark Gable" mustache. He also holds a cigarette between his fingers.

The final figure looks very archaic but is in fact, I believe, a Royal Hungarian Army Gendarme. He wears the stiffened, high crowned, brimmed hat characteristic of that policing and security force, with a sprig of foliage on the right side. He also wears an overcoat, with out-of-date webbing, and trousers with button gaiters covering the tops of his boots. He is the only two part figure in the set, with his rifle (I would have thought a Mannlicher M95, but this looks more like a Mauser - no external magazine is visible) molded separately. This has to be glued on his back, and, I think, a rifle sling added.

So, a very interesting looking set that will really help to set off some of IGB's kits. I can't wait to try them out.

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Article Last Updated: 09 October 2018