M998/M1025 Humvee Weighted Wheels
Kit # 72001 Review by Doug Chaltry

The Revell M998/M1025 HMMWV is a very nice model, with one main weakness: the wheels are substantially underscale. Calibre35, a Czech company best known for making resin accessories for 1/35th scale AFV models has decided to branch out into small scale, and their first release is this set of replacement wheels for the Revell Humvee. The wheels have an accurate tread pattern, and the correct diameter. They can be used not only with the Revell Hummers, but with the MW kits as well, and probably with the forthcoming Dragon kits too. One complaint I have, however, is that I think the bulged tire is too exaggerated. Humvee tires simply don't bulge like this, unless they are flat. I think one (or more) of these tires could be used on a kit to represent a flat tire, but under normal circumstances, I think it would be best to take a piece of sandpaper to the sides before using them.

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Last Updated: 14 December 2004