M4 Sherman Dozer M1

Conversion Kit #72014 Preview by Stephen "Tank Whisperer" Brezinski
Edited by
Rob Haelterman

This kit consists of a WW2 era bulldozer conversion for 1/72-scale Sherman tank model kits. The kit contains only resin parts and the manufacturer states that it can be used for any Sherman kit in this scale.

The tank dozer, I have read, was the most successful US armored engineer tank. From photos I have noted a bulldozer attachment used with M4, M4A1, M4A2 and M4A3 Shermans fitted with both the 75-mm gun and the 105-mm howitzer. In the Pacific Theatre I have also seen a bulldozer attachment fitted to M3 Medium tanks by the Australians. Nations using this Sherman-dozer combination were the USA, Polish forces in Western Europe, and UK forces.

  • In the above photo we see a superbly detailed and painted small-hatch M4 Sherman tank with the dozer attachment. (From my experience with building Shermans in 1/72-scale I have a suspicion that this photo shows a 1/48 or 1/35-scale model kit?) The Dozer attachment includes the dozer blade in front, the arms back to the middle VVSS bogie, and the hydraulic piston behind the triangular armor plate.
  • The box states that this is a “Conversion set for any Sherman” but actually would take some modification to use with a Sherman with HVSS bogies.
  • Be aware that the wading stacks on the engine deck do not come with this Dozer conversion kit! The wading stacks are part of a separate aftermarket kit.
  • The parts come in a small corrugated cardboard box and ziplock type plastic bags.
  • There are no markings (decals) included in the kit and none shown on the box art. The color box art can serve as a painting guide.

  • The conversion set has 15 superbly cast all resin parts; no etched brass parts. The molding and casting is crisp and free of bubbles and defects.
  • Clean-up can be done with a sharp blade and sanding stick on most parts and a saw on the large dozer blade.
  • Assemble using cyanoacrylate glue or epoxy cement.

  • This scan shows the numbered parts diagram and assembly instructions for this “RESIN CONVERSION FOR ANY SERMAN”. Yes it says “serman” rather than Sherman; perhaps the only mistake I find with the kit or perhaps the Calibre72 kit maker is a minister or priest with his/her mind on their Sunday service?
  • Instructions are very good exploded-view type showing parts numbers. Step-1 shows drilling Sherman kit’s VVSS bogie for resin parts 4 and 5.
  • Step-2 shows overall assembly of the parts. I am confused about the exact placement of parts 6, 10, 11 and 12. Historical photos and museum photos could be very important here.
  • Instructions show assembly to an M4 with the 3-part bolted transmission housing but I am unsure of using this mounting (parts 6,10,11,& 12) on a 1-piece wedge, sharp nose transmission housing


  1. This is an excellent aftermarket conversion to turn your 1/72-scale Sherman into a novel variant that stands out on the display or contest table. I have not assembled it yet, so cannot speak about fit of the parts.
  2. Quality of the mold and casting appears excellent.
  3. With good building references a novice to resin kits, and an experienced modeler, should be able to build the bulldozer into a fine display model.
  4. I've seen this dozer attachment mounted on the M4 variants fitted with the VVSS bogies. Because of the wider suspension I do not believe that this M1 dozer attachment would fit on a Sherman with the HVSS (Easy-8) bogies, such as an M4A3E8 or M4A1E8.

US Armored Funnies, US Specialized Armored Vehicles in the ETO in World War II #7052, by Stephen J Zaloga, Concord Publications Co (2005). ISBN 962-361-085-8

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Article Last Updated: 10 November 2012