CPL Overby's Motor Pool Tiger II E-50
Kit #MP047 Review by Doug Chaltry

What the heck is an E-50? Before last week, I had no idea. Ken Overby says that this model was inspired by the 1/35th Cromwell model in Tony Greenland's Panzer Modeling Master Class book. I've not seen that book, and since this is a fictitous vehicle, there really is no way to evaluate it based on historical accuracy. I found one small profile drawing on the net, and it appears that this model matches it very well, as far as shape, wheel spacing, etc. Although, in that drawing, it appears that the rear idler wheel is also sprocketed. The tank is basically a very late model Tiger II hull topped by a Panther II turret (schmalturm w/8.8cm gun). Like the other CPL Overby's kits I have seen, this one is expertly mastered and cast, with the only air bubbles I've found in the tips of the extended wheel hubs, which will be quite easy to fill. The turret has been revised since my earlier Panther F and Panther II reviews, and now is the correct height. All future kits with this turret will include the revised piece.

Thank you very much to CPL Ken Overby for providing the review kit.

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Last updated: 15 December 2004