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T-34 STZ

Kit #: MP069 Preview by Joyon Ralph - jolyon(at)mindat(dot)org
Edited by Marc Mercier
Neither UM nor Dragon have produced this particular, but important, version of the T-34, the version most associated with the Stalingrad battles.

Ken's kit has the classic T-34 angled mantlet, the slotted hull armor, all steel-wheels and the early machine gun with late hatch that are characteristic of this version.

It is a very quick build with one piece suspension units (apart from the separate outer wheel parts) - no fiddly resin tracks to handle. Turret and drivers hatch can be shown open, and there's even a rudimentary turret interior for looking into that large hatch.
Should be popular with both fans of Russian armour and fans of German things (there are many examples of STZ T-34s in German markings).

Here is how the tracks are built up. Single units, high quality

Conclusion : Excellent little kit!

This model can be purchased from Tracks & Troops

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Article Last Updated: 26 October 2014