Waffen SS Tankers WW II
Kit # F72141 Review by Doug Chaltry - 172tankmodeler(at)comcast(dot)net
Not many companies produce resin figures in 1/72nd scale, and those that do tend to be really nice. CMK's figures can be very distinctive at times. The sculpting is really first rate, and the casting of the resin parts is also very well done. But most of their figure sets also seem to share several features, such as they tend to be a little bit large (the standing figure in this set will be close to 27mm when assembled), and they also are typically in very relaxed poses. There are some exceptions, as other kit reviews will demonstrate, but many of CMKs sets that I have in my collection are of figures that are lounging around, doing nothing. While these poses are perfectly acceptable for certain situations and dioramas, I think a little more dynamic poses would broaden the appeal of these otherwise very fine figures.

All three figures in this set are multi-part, which is good for several reasons. Not only does it allow for casting exceptional detail on all parts, but is also gives the modeler the ability to slightly alter the poses of each figure, or even to mix and match parts between figures, thereby personalizing them to a certain degree. This gives us much more latitude in designing dioramas, and may even encourage the purchase of multiple copies of each set of figures.

The clothing on these figures is rendered very realistically, though not being an expert on WW II German uniforms, I can't really comment on their accuracy. I would assume, however, that depending on the colors used to paint these, they may not be restricted to only Waffen SS tank crew, but could be used for Whermacht as well. Facial features are very fine, with two different cap styles and one bare head. Other details are also very well done.

As with most of the CMK figures I've seen, these are extremely fine figures, though a bit on the large side. Probably not too suitable for 1/76th scale vehicles, but they can be useful for representing the occasional "tall guy" in 1/72nd.

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Article Last Updated: 10 December 2008