U-VII crew at rest

Part 1 & 2

Kit : #72118 & #72127  
Preview by Marc Mercier


Both sets are labelled "U-VII crew at rest" and are split up in part 1 (#72118) and part 2 (#72127). Each one of them contains three WW2 German U boot figures. These are dressed in typical grey-brown patrol outfit suitable for warmer regions, consisting of trousers, shirt or "bordjacke" (light jacket). Some of them wear a side hat. No insignia is cast on the figures (the swordfish U-Boat Badge on the cap needs to be painted) and no weapons are present. This uniform gives them a fairly generic outlook, meaning these figures can also serve in many other (non naval) situations.
The poses themselves add potential to this idea. The box art depicts all the figures seated on deck, either reading or looking around. With a little adaptation, they could fit just as well in any military vehicle. Those without the side hat would even be useful in a civilian truck for instance.

Contrary to most resin 1/72 sets, these ones will require some assembly, most figurines being made up by 4 of 5 (often tiny) parts, including a separate head.

Additionally, these parts are attached in a particular way to their pouring blocks, which will require some extra cleanup (see right the figurine whose back is part of its pouring block). However, the casts themselves are flawless, no air bubbles or flash can be seen and detail is sharp everywhere.



Figures of set 1 :

Figures of set 2 :


Highly recommended.

Review sample purchased by the author.


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Article Last Updated: 03 August 2013