Sailors resting

on bunks

Kit : # F72 255

Review by Marc Mercier

Although intended to be used inside a U-boot, this set opens up possibilities for the armour community too, because resting or sleeping soldiers in Braille scale are a rarity indeed.

This set, packed in a typical CMK blister, contains 3 resin figures just doing that: one is sleeping, another one is reading a book, while the last one is depicted in a thoughtful mood. All are lying on a thin mattress, heads resting on a pillow while being covered with a light blanket. Visible clothing is very limited, being either a nude torso, a singlet or a generic shirt. These poses result in figures that can be used in almost every setting containing resting or sleeping soldiers with Caucasian features in good meteorological conditions.

The poses are very lifelike, anatomy is correct, the casts themselves are flawless and detail is sharp everywhere. No flash can be seen but a couple of air bubbles are present. However, I find the wrinkles in the blankets are a bit overdone, but that is a personal opinion.

The Sleeper


The Reader


The Thinker


However, some work might be needed to adapt the thin mattress to fit the scene. In this picture, I filed it away, because I intend to scratch built a camp bed under this figure.

One could also make the mattress thicker with modeling putty to get an air mattress or simple let the soldier sleep on the hard cold ground.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 06 August 2016