Weed and Wildflower Set

Kit #: 1227 Preview by Rob Haelterman

This is a huge set, with a wide assortment of wild plants, many (all) of which can also be found (separately) in other sets.
Apart from a staggering 31 sprues and two bags of ground scatter, you else get some (modern) road signs in German (related to a national park or other protected areas) that are somewhat hidden in the instruction leaflet. Not being a botanist, I cannot identify the wild plants (except perhaps the dandelions and the ferns), but unless the modeler stumbles upon someone with extreme knowledge of weeds, it seems safe to use these items in any temperate setting. Some might even pass for ornamental plants.
The overall size seems to be to scale for HO, but leaf thickness is overdone due to molding limitations, and while intended
for HO, I am sure that few people would complain if this se were to be used in 1/72 (or even, who knows, in 1/76).

The detail on the set is nice, but the perfect symmetry and monotone (shiny) colors will need some attention to make the end-result convincing. (The instructions ask you to bend the parts a bit.)

What makes this set particularly attractive is that it is better value for money compared to buying the smaller, individual sets.





Review sample purchased by the author.



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31 August 2017

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