Gemüse & Salat
Vegetables & Lettuce

Kit #: 1222 Preview by Rob Haelterman

While meant for railroad modelers, this set might be useful for diorama builders as well.

The set provides items for a typical (?) vegetable garden: zucchinis (8 of them, in multiple parts), kohlrabi (16 of them in two colors), red lettuce (16), fennel (16 in total).

According to the instructions:
- the zucchini plants have 6 pieces each, and need to be glued and painted.
- the turnips are prepainted according to two different patterns.
- the lettuce doesn't need anything special.
- the fennel plants need scatter material added (which is included).

The detail on the set is nice, but the perfect symmetry and monotone (shiny) colors will need some attention to make the end-result convincing. The overall size seems to be to scale, but leaf thickness is overdone due to molding limitations.

Review sample purchased by the author.



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01 July 2017

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