Small Animals

Kit #: 1153 Preview by Rob Haelterman

This set provides 16 fishes (in 4 types), 8 butterflies, 8 frogs (in two types), 8 rats (in two types), 8 snakes (in two types), 8 unidentified insects , 4 salamanders, 4 hares, 4 squirrels, 2 hedgehogs, 2 ravens, 2 woodpeckers and 2 owls. I must have received a bad set (or been very careless), as I only got three of the white sprues and thus fewer of some animals

While they are marketed as 1/87, I've taken the liberty to consider them as 1/72 and even then some of the animals, while nicely sculpted, are on the large side. To give a few examples, the butterflies have a span of 20 scale cm (which, admittedly, is still smaller than that of the Ornithoptera alexandrae), the hedgehogs are 30cm large (and are perhaps suffering from balloon syndrome), etc. Others, like the hare, fish, snake and birds look utterly acceptable.

A grass mat is also given together with a booklet containing painting instructions.







Review sample purchased by the author.



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18 July 2017

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