Bronco Models

WWII German 20L Jerry Can & 200L Fuel Drum Set

Kit #: GB7020 Preview by F. Giovagnorio
Bronco Models is a well-established producer of 1/35th scale kits and this one is their first effort in 1/72nd scale armor.

The box contains four sprues, one containing the jerrycans (2x) and one containing the drums (2x): in total, 8 drums and 24 cans can be assembled, plus 2 pumps (one for each sprue). In fact, no assembling is needed for the jerrycans, which are supplied as a single piece with handle and cap already in place. On the other hand, the drums need assembling of three parts. The handpump is a two-part assembly and it can be very useful if building a small scene of personnel filling jerrycans from drums. There are two different types of drums, differing from each other in the rib detail.

Doing some measurements, it seems that WW2 German 200L drums were 54.5 x 86.5 cm, or 7,56mm x 12mm in 1/72: these drums measure 7.7mm x 12mm, which I would call almost perfectly in-scale. German 200L drums had some markings on the flat top and they are correctly reproduced here: the drums bear the writings 200L, Kraftstoff, Feuergefährlich, Wehrmacht or Heer arranged in different ways; you can also read 1943 and 1944 on two of them, which would clearly prevent you from using them in an earlier setting.


Some 1/72 kits of WW2 German vehicles offer jerrycans and, in a very few cases, drums, and Esci (later Italeri) produced a set of WW2 accessories with drums, so this is not the first attempt at producing these fundamental elements, but this is the very first kit dedicated specifically to German ones, which happened to be rather different from those used by other countries during WW2: evidence suggests that this set reproduces the original ones in an extremely accurate way, so this is a very welcome set which I hope will not be the first and last one from Bronco Models in 1/72.

Review sample provided by T-Model on behalf of Bronco Models.

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Article Last Updated: 13 July 2017