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Breda 10/65 Anti Aircraft Gun kit

Kit #: 72005

Preview by Stephen 'Tank Whisperer' Brezinski - sbrez1(at)comcast(dot)net
Edited by Rob Haelterman
Little History For The Modeler

Though not labeled as the Breda Model 35, this automatic cannon matched my references for the Breda Model 35 gun. This AA gun was a primary light anti-aircraft weapon for the Italian military and also served with German forces and was sold to Finnish forces during WW2. The gun was designed to be towed by mule or draft horses, pulled by several soldiers over short distances, or commonly carried in truck beds. In addition to being used for AA defense it was used as a ground weapon.

The Kit Parts

In the kit I count 20 pale amber cast resin parts on three pour plugs, and some parts separate from a pour plug. The parts are not numbered. Casting is very good with no air bubbles or defects. The model gives us a choice of a tripod mount for the gun folded in the towing position with wheels or with the tripod mount deployed, in which case the wheels are unused. The wheels look very much like those I have seen used on the Italian Cannone de 47/32 antitank gun. At lower right are four 20-mm round ammunition boxes.

No etched brass parts or crew figures are included though I believe that Milicast sells figures that could go with this AA gun.

Assembly Instructions

The first page of the instructions portray three exploded view drawings showing the assembly of the gun and carriage in the deployed position, the carriage set up for towing by hand, and the carriage set up for towing by horse or donkey.

The 2nd page of GB Modelli's instructions portray the gun deployed, and mounted on a truck bed without the tripod legs, and being towed by a mule or donkey; the donkey and crew figure are not included in the model.

After assembly I believe that while serving in North Africa the weapon would be finished in gunmetal and desert tan. The gun in Italy, the Balkans and Russia would be colored gunmetal and gray-green color.

This model was purchased by the reviewer.

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