GB Modelli

Pavesi P4 100
Mod. 30A

with pneumatic tires

Kit : # 72031

Review by Marc Mercier

The Pavesi P4/100 is the military version of a civilian articulated tractor build in the twenties. During its production phase, the P4/100 was constantly improved and therefore several subtypes can be found. For instance, the big solid rubber spokes wheels with adherence devices were excellent for the Italian terrain, but proved less successful in soft sand. A version with normal, pneumatic tires was therefore developed in 1937. Although this review only concerns the later version (Model 30A) with the normal wheels, GB has also the solid rubber variant version of this prehistoric looking vehicle in its catalogue. Needless to say they share many parts.

The P4 family was used on all fronts by the Italian Army as the prime mover in their towed artillery units until 1942, when it became somewhat obsolete. They were gradually replaced by the SPA-TM40, but a few soldiered on till the end of the war. Some tank units also employed them for towing disabled (light) tanks. Other user nations included Sweden, Hungary, Finland and Greece (which ironically used them against the Italian army). The German army captured large amounts and reemployed them under the name Radschlepper Pavesi Typ P 40-100 (i). So, enough potential here…

Contrary to many resin manufactures, GB still ships their products in unprotected plastic bags, only backed up by the folded assembly manual. Obviously, this augments the possibility that parts will be broken during handling and transport. Although nothing was broken in my kit, I’d have preferred a sturdier package like a cardboard box.

Most of the parts in my kit are finely cast in cream-coloured resin, with no discernable warping, but with some light flash that will be easy to clean up. The chassis is sufficiently detailed moulded with sharp detail.

Just look at this picture to see the amount of detail that is present.


A nice engine and gear box is provided on the frontal chassis; however, once you install the bonnet, only the latter will be visible

However, a few air bubbles are present on some annoying places

see this one under a prominent ridge on the bonnet :

The tire profile on the wheels is nicely reproduced, however each wheel has a concentration of air bubbles near the pouring block which spoils the fun somewhat.



Some parts are really puny and will demand extreme care to remove them from their pouring blocks.

Not being an expert in Italian vehicles, I’ve nevertheless tried to check on the accuracy of this particular model.
A surprisingly large number of tractors have survived the war and they provide the modeller with numerous high quality pictures (See the references below) to complement the few blurry “in action” ones you can find on the internet. I checked this model against this information (keeping the many variants in mind) and found the kit to be quite accurate.

The crew often stored their personal belongings on the mudguards where attachment points were provided, just for this purpose.

Wartime pictures often show the cabin and transport area covered with a tarpaulin, always very useful in bad weather. GB gives you the “good weather” version and provides two pieces of rolled cloth to stow on the rear mudguards; these however, being too thin, didn’t give me a convincing “well used/veteran” look.

Decals are not included. The manual is hand drawn and sufficiently clear.

GB doesn’t give you the possible to build the articulating system “in action”; however, this could easily be achieved by just cutting some parts and gluing them in the correct angle.


This is a beautiful detailed kit of an exotic vehicle, offering you several finishing possibilities, either as a stand-alone, complementing a gun or why not, towing a light tank out of a ditch??.


Some walk-arounds can be seen here :

Preview sample provided by GB Modelli


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Article Last Updated: 02 July 2015