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Krupp-Daimler Geschützkraftwagen 7,5 cm Kw 19 (or Sd.Kfz. 1)

Kit #: 72040 Preview by - F. Giovagnorio

Historical backgroud:

The Krupp/Daimler KD-1 Geschützkraftwagen Kraftwagen 19 - which was armed with a 7.7cm anti aircraft gun - was developed in 1918 based on the Krupp/Daimler KD-1. It served with the Reichswehr between WWI and WWII and it appears to have been rather successful because it could be used both as an anti-tank and an anti-aircraft weapon: in fact, 120 7.7cm anti-aircraft guns were changed to 7.5cm calibre from 1930 to 1932.

As usual, GB Modelli ship their products in unprotected plastic bags, only backed up by a piece of thin cardboard.

Parts are finely cast in the typical cream-colored resin, with no short shots, pin holes or warps, but with some thin flash that will be easy to clean up, a bit excessive in some areas, although it is probable that the one I am reviewing is a pre-production sample, hence the final kit might have a better quality than mine.

There are around 40 pieces in the bag, which should make construction rather straightforward.

These are most of the pieces composing the chassis.

These are the most relevant pieces left, including the gun, which has a good detail

The instruction sheet is very simple, but, as you can see, assembling is rather easy and there will be no doubts about where to glue a specific piece. As usual in GBModelli kits, there is no decal sheet, and, while it is not common to find markings on Reichswehr vehicles, this one very frequently had a front license plate.


GBModelli has already produced some unusual yet interesting and historically important pre-WW2 vehicles and this one is a nice addition to the serie, due to its importance in German military history.

Preview sample provided by GB Modelli.


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Article Last Updated: 22 November 2016