GB Modelli

Trattrice Pavesi & Tolotti Tipo A

Kit : # 72026

Review by F. Giovagnorio

The Trattrice Pavesi & Tolotti Tipo A is the military version of a civilian tractor, which proved very sturdy and affordable during WWI in every possible role, from artillery towing to general-purpose; it was also converted in a crane vehicle. Combat experience helped in developing the Tipo B of the same tractor, and ultimately the Pavesi & Tolotti became a well-known family of tractors used by the Italian Army throughout WWI and WWII.

As usual, GB Modelli ships their products in unprotected plastic bags, only backed up by the folded assembly manual.


Parts are finely cast in the typical cream-colored resin, with no short shots, pin holes or warpings, but with some light flash that will be easy to clean up.


Interior detail is provided on the main chassis; two other pieces complete the base of the vehicle.


Anterior and posterior wheels are different, and twelve small anti-skid runners must be positioned on each posterior wheel, making this a very delicate and possibly tedious stage of assembly. The 24 runners are visible on the right picture.


The small parts composing the fine exterior and interior details are well cast, as is usual with GB Modelli's production.
As you can see below, The instructions leaflet is hand-drawn but very detailed, with sufficient explanation of the positioning of every piece.



Another winner for GB Modelli, giving the modeller the possibility of building a finely detailed model of one of the most widely used Italian military tractors of WWI.

Preview sample provided by GB Modelli.


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Article Last Updated: 15 October 2015