Leichtes Sturmboot 39

Kit # 72012 Preview by Rob Haelterman

The parts in the kit are very well cast, with no warping or blemishes, except for a single pin-hole on the chin of the figure and a small amount a flash.
The number of parts is very limited, which should mean that this is a quick build. The simple manual is more than sufficient for its purpose.
The shape of the kit closely matches pictures of the real Boot and the figure (in early war attire) is very well done. Note that the latter is in a rather relaxed pose, which has an influence on the setting of a diorama you might want to put the boat in.

Decals or marking suggestions are not given in the kit, but pictures of the real vehicle can be found on the GB Modelli website. I don't know in which color this boat would have been painted, but I would guess it followed the colors of the rest of the vehicles of the Wehrmacht (i.e. dark grey, dark yellow, ...). Markings seem to be very rare, with the occasional number carried on the hull, which can probably be sourced from the spare's box.



Thanks to Georgio Briga (GB Modelli) for the review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 07 July 2012