Autocarro Fiat 634N

Kit # 72010 Preview by Rob Haelterman

GB Modelli (also known as Briga, after the owner) is continuously expanding its range, and judging from the few kits I have seen, this can only be applauded.

The heavy Fiat 634N was derived from the Fiat 632 and originally developed as a civilian truck (first series). The second and third series were used by the Italian army. The third series can be distinguished by the more streamlined hood. It seems the vehicle in the kit represent the second series. This vehicle which was used to transport the smaller Italian tank(ette)s over longer distances. I guess it was also used as a regular cargo hauler.
I have very little info on this vehicle, so I am not in a position to judge the accuracy, except for the overall dimensions below, which are best measured after assembly.

Length: 7605mm
Width: 2300 mm
Height : 3250 mm


The manual is hand drawn and sufficiently clear. It is complemented by (what seems like) a drawing from a manual of the truck showing how the cab should look on the inside. Surprisingly, this truck has the driver on the right.

The parts are finely cast in cream-colored resin, with no discernable warping, but with some flash that needs to be cleaned up along the seam-lines of the molds. The chassis is sufficiently detailed, as is the cab, which is ingeniously laid-out with three main parts: the cab (including hood and fenders), the bottom and the rear plate, allowing access to the inside of the cabin. As the doors are molded shut, the detail that is provided will suffice for our needs. Windows will need to be made out of clear styrene, which is not included.
The wheels have a very faint thread pattern, which might be lost after priming.

The detail is crisp overall, and once the parts have been cleaned up, I guess that this model can be assembled as fast as superglue can dry.

A painting guide is not provided, nor are decals. Given the sparseness of my resources, when it come to Italian vehicles, this will pose a hurdle.




Thanks to Georgio Briga (GB Modelli) for the review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 24 January 2012