Mitragliera Breda Da 20/65

Kit # 72005 Preview by Rob Haelterman

This gun was for the Italian army what the Flak 30 was for the German troops: a ubiquitous light Flak-weapon. It first saw active service in the Spanish civil war and soldiered on until after the Second World War. Minor modifications were introduced in 1940 (removal of the muzzle brake, addition of a seat for the gunner). It seems the kit gives a gun as it would be seen in the 1940-1945 period.
Just as the Flak 30, the 20/65 was also used with good effect against ground targets and it saw widespread use as a mobile weapon by the simple expedient of mounting it on the flatbed of a truck, which was especially widespread in North Africa. It was also in North Africa that the British came to appreciate the weapon and they even mounted some captured examples on their own trucks for LRDG use. The Germans also took a liking and fielded the gun under the designation

The parts are very crisply molded, with light flash, no warping, no pin-holes and minimal attachment blocks. The resin is soft enough to be easily cut with a sharp hobby knife without splintering or excessive effort.

Two gun carriages are offered, one in towing mode, one in firing mode. The manual clearly explains what to use for which option. In towing mode you get two sub-options, depending on the traction of the gun: human or hippic.

The website of GBModelli has a page where pictures of the real gun are shown, which will further ease construction.





Thanks to Georgio Briga (GB Modelli) for the review sample.

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Article Last Updated: 25 March 2012