Armand P. Bayardi

Metal Pails/5&-20 gal. Drums

Kit #: M72/17 Preview by Al Magnus - one72guy(at)
Edited by Al Magnus

Inside the package is 10 round fuel drums, 5 square drums and 5 pails, along with a short piece of wire for the pail handles. Instructions on how to fashion handles for the pails are included.

I found this resin accessory set at the 2011 IPMS USA Nationals in Omaha. When it comes to resin products I'm quite wary, as quite often I've found casting quality can be quite spotty with various imperfections, copious flash and more often than not, numerous pin holes. Not so with these items from Armand P. Bayari. I inspected these for a long time looking for casting problems and could not find any. What I really liked was the lack of any seam and the pour stub located on the bottom of the pieces, which should make for an easy clean up. Detail is nicely done, especially the top edges of the pails which particulary impressed me. These are exceptionally thin for a resin casting and rival anything produced in etched brass.

itemitem measurements (inches)
diameter x height
1:1 scale equivalent (inches)
small drums0.210 x 0.17015.20 x 12.24
large drums0.335 x 0.25024.12 x 18.00
item measurements (inches)
length x width x height
1:1 scale equivalent (inches)
square drums0.140 x 0.140 x 0.20010.08 x 10.08 x 14.40
item measurements (inches)
top diameter x bottom diameter x height
1:1 scale equivalent (inches)
pails0.170 x 0.140 x 0.20023.40 x 10.08 x 14.40

All in all this is a very nice set with some the nicest cast resin pieces I've seen. This set was so well done I actually purchased two.

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Article Last Updated: 27 August 2011