Pioneerpanzer 2A1 Dachs

Kit #: BAX-C-01 Preview by Kevin Liang - kevin_liang123(at)yahoo(dot)ca
Edited by Al Magnus

This resin conversion kit is licence produced copy by Matador Models. From what I found on the internet, BaxMod no longer produces their Leopard conversions. As this kit is a conversion, you need a base Revell Leopard 1A5 to start.

The kit is packed into a small cardboard box. This particular kit had no packaging peanuts for protection, but my Gepard kit did have them. Inside the box is a small ziplock with the kit and instructions.

The instructions are very good. However, since the kit is rather few in pieces, it shouldn't be too hard to build it with a reference photo.

Top view of the parts. These are well cast, with no sinkholes to be found. There are some minor air bubbles, but these can be easily fixed with putty. There is some flash, but it should be easily removed.

The pioneer tools are moulded on the side hull. However, the casting quality is high, and the relief is excellent being much better than the Revell stock pioneer tools.

This is an excellent resin conversion by BaxMod/Matador. Highly recommended to all.

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Preview Last Updated: 17 October 2012