Archer Fine Transfers

US stars in circles - Stencil and plain styles

Decal Set #: AR72048W Review by - Al Magnus

This is an excellent set of rub on dry transfers for US star markings with solid or stencil (broken) circle surrounds.
There are a total of 44 images for various different sizes on a sheet that's 37.5mm long by 30mm wide. Unlike sheet AR74002W, there is no indication as to size of the stars. It is left up to the modeller to measure the images and convert them to their scale. I suppose this is good in that it allowed Archer to cram as many star images onto the sheet as possible without wasting space identifying their sizes.

An extra bonus comes from the manufacturer's name and part number at the bottom of the sheet, which are also dry transfer images and could be put to use on other models!

These are dry transfers though, much like the old Letraset decals many years ago, so they are very easy to apply to flat surfaces. Curved and ridged surfaces will be more of a challenge and it may be easiest to rub the images onto clear decal paper and apply them to your model like any other wet transfer.

Another consideration will be the fact that once you rub them onto the model they can not be shifted to another spot should you realize they are not aligned properly. Once down the only option is to remove them and try again.

Help with how to apply Archer Transfers can be found here: Archer Instructions.

Review sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 08 December 2009