88m Flak 36/37 with crew and church

Kit:# DIO7201
Review by Rob Haelterman

This diorama set is one of the more eye-catching that I have in my collection and it was a bargain to boot. Sadly it seems that it is no longer in production.

The set consists of 8 plaster parts for the walls of the church. These are well-detailed with nice features, although a bit rough around the edges. Sadly, not all of them carry detail on both sides, although it seems that the lack of detail is limited to what could be considered the rear of the diorama. Even though these plaster parts are very fragile, none was damaged, due to the very sturdy packaging and protection with layers of foam. Being fragile, they might however easily be given more "battle damage" by the modeler.

The ground plate is a massive square part, with very nice features, even though the occasional air bubble can be found.

For the windows, Alemany gives some finely printed artwork. Sadly, these are printed on paper and would thus nor represent glass in a convincing way. (Without trying to bias the reader, the only company I know that offers transparent painted glass is Unicorn)

The white metal figures are perhaps not the very best, but with a little clean-up very much usable. Facial expressions and anatomy are convincing.

The Flak is the weak link of the set. The white metal in my set was distorted in all kinds of ways and some parts were broken. Detail is abundant, but soft. The set comes with two slightly different gun shields, but the boxtop shows none and the instructions only mention one.

The instructions are limited to a parts lay-out for the gun and a simple hand-drawn image with comments in Spanish.

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Article Last Updated: 08 December 2013

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