Kit : AG72-3

Preview by Scott Wadyko - swadyko2000(dot)yahoo(dot)com
Edited by Marc MERCIER

I am a huge fan of South African National Defence Force (SANDF) vehicles. They are well suited to the environment and after two tours to Iraq, I have a new appreciation for V hulled wheeled vehicle designs.
I bought the 105mm Rooikat when it came out a few years ago and it was a fun easy build of a really cool AFV.
Packaging: These are probably the nicest boxed kits I have ever seen. The box is a laser cut fiber wood contraption that is zip tied closed on top. There is also a laser cut image of each vehicle on the front. On a side note, I may ask that they keep the boxes and just send the kits in bubble wrap to cut down on shipping weight.
In the box: All the kits are made out of a really nice light grey resin and packaged in about 4-5 small baggies. There are no air bubbles on any of the pieces and minimal flash. The full color directions are in a separate static bag. Now on to the kit!
I am a big fan of the Centurion and have a few kits of all the crazy versions out there on the market. This Olifant IB is really something different.

The kit is made up of 10 parts molded in the grey resin.
There is also some wire to make brush guards for the smoke grenade launchers. There is a very thin flash piece on the top of each side hull piece that I will probably trim down and then sand smooth. They are also cast at angle so they are pretty easy to match up with the main hull.
The turret is really well done with a separate viewer part.
The barrel is also well cast and super straight.

The tracks are cast on a small runner and there are a few teeth broken off at each end.
Not sure what to do about there yet.

The full color instruction sheet is a little lacking and needs some outside help to make things right.

All in all I am super tickled with this rare subject. I highly recommend it and hope to see more from them soon.

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Article Last Updated: 12 October 2014