Manufacturer: ARMO (Kit No. 72010)

This is one of ARMO's earlier releases, and a very fine kit. It is all in resin (although some parts may have been better produced in etched brass), and the quality of the resin is extremely good. There are no air bubbles or imperfections in my kit. There are casting blocks of resin on the bottoms of the hull and turret to be ground off, but the remainder of the parts should be easily removed from their resin "sprues."

The level of detail on the parts is very good. As you can see in the photo, all of the pioneer tools are molded onto the hull, but have excellent relief and appear very three-dimensional. All of the hatches are closed, which is to be expected for a solid-body kit, such as this one. The wheels have bolt detail around the hubs, but there seems to have been some holes in the hub, which have instead been filled with resin.

A brief comparison with some photos and side-view drawing in Jane's Tank Recognition Guide shows the kit to look very accurate, although I haven't yet measured it. The vehicle is in use primarily by Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, plus India, Hungary, Cambodia and some middle-eastern countries.

There are no decals included with the kit. The instructions in the kit are poor, but most of the parts are obvious in their placement.

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