T-34 Rubber-Rimmed Wheels

Manufacturer: ARMO (Kit # 72 503)

A relatively new release, any new T-34 wheels are a welcome addition. While not the best wheels around, they are still better than the wheels in the ESCI and AER kits. As evidenced by the ejection pin marks on the back sides of the wheels, these are obviously copies of some manufacturer's plastic wheels. But which ones? The fronts look like a direct copy of the Eastern Express wheels, but the backs look like ESCI. Perhaps they are a combination of the two. As one can see, there are also a few air bubbles which need to be fixed, but overall, the casting was very well done. Each pair of wheels is molded together, but they are not a solid wheel, like others of this confiiguration. Each wheel is quite distinct.

While not up to the Al.By standard, they are still pretty decent, and will allow the modeler to use rubber-rimmed wheels on the AER kits.

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