Manufacturer: ARMO (Kit # 72 509)

I often got the SU-152 and ISU-152 confused, because of the similar names and appearance of these vehicles. The ISU-152 is obviously based on the IS hull, but the SU-152 is based on the KV hull, and in fact, this kit is a conversion meant to be used with the PST KV-1.

This conversion set includes two pieces of resin, the hull and gun. Overall, I am not happy with these parts. The gun barrel is bent in several directions, and I can only hope that heating and bending the part back into shape will help. The hull is very well detailed, but the roof of the superstructure has subsided some, so there is an obvious dip on the top of the vehicle, as can be seen in the following scan:

The brass parts are made by PART, and are of course, very good. I think that this conversion set will build into a very good model. Perhaps simply laying a box, rolled canvass, or other such item in the center of the roof will distract the eye away from the sunken center part.

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