LAV-25 Piranha

Manufacturer: ARMO (# 72056)

This is another of my favorite ARMO kits, probably because the LAV is one of my favorite AFV's. This is the first LAV available in this scale, and it is a beauty.

The scan above shows most of the parts after they have already been removed from their pour-blocks, and cleaned up. As usual, the hull is solid-body with all closed hatches, as is the turret. The quality of the molding is excellent, with no air holes, and very little flash. As you can see, there are numerous parts, most of them related to a fairly complex chassis, but the instructions in this kit are much better than earlier ARMO kits, and the assembly should be fairly easy. No decals are included.

According to Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide by Christopher Foss, and The Greenhill Armored Fighting Vehicles Data Book by Ian Hogg, this kit scales out exactly to 1/72nd. All in all, this is a very fine kit, and I can highly recommend it.

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