Correct suspension for

AER T-34/85


Kit #: 72 502 Preview by Jose Maria Teja - jm_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Marc Mercier

I guess nowadays hardly anyone would built an AER T-34, first because it’s fairly scarce (it’s out of production?) and second because there are some much better and nicer options at this moment.
But in case you have one in your stash, you should know that one of the most notorious mistakes in the kit is the spacing between the wheels axles (you can check the previews of the kit here for an explanation of this), and that is the purpose of this particular set.

Its title is quite explicit to describe what it comprises: you get the two hull side pieces of the AER plastic kit copied in resin, with the axle spacing corrected, and as a complement, there are 10 fairly nice solid disc road wheels. These latter are also copies of some other plastic kit, as there are some sink marks visible on their inner sides. I compared them to the ESCI/Italeri T-34 wheels and they are very similar though they look reworked with a new center hub and bolt detail.

The wheels are very welcomed because the AER kit gives you only the all steel perforated type, which I think would be uncommon for a T-34/85. Note that, in the scan, I show the outer sides of these pieces on the upper row and the inner sides on the lower row, since the 10 double wheels come already paired.

Molding is good, though there’s some flash and bubbles here and there, nothing serious, and you got to remove the parts from their casting blocks.
Everything comes packed in Ziploc bags inside a strong little box and there are no instructions, just in case you were wondering.


Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 15 July 2015