Horch Kfz. 15

Manufacturer: ARMO (# 72070)

Submitted by Dave Showell

This is my first Armo kit and I am really impressed. Not only is this the first 1/72nd Kfz 15 I've seen, it is also an incredibly detailed model. Note the pennant holder, the engine and the other detail parts included in the scan below. There are a large number of parts included, all in a slightly brittle,beige resin. There are, apparently, three different versions of this kit available. The model I purchased from Philip at Troops-and-Tracks was the version which is shown with the spare wheels covered, the canvas top in place and side windows. I'm not certain if they all come with the side windows but the other versions seem to have the spare wheels exposed. There is very little flash, only over the window openings. I noticed a couple of very small air bubbles which will have to be filled. The kit come with the aforementioned engine (four parts I believe) and can be built with the hood open. Three jerry cans are included with separate handles. Instructions consist of an exploded view drawing and pictures of the three finished models. Way to go ARMO - this kit is a real masterpiece!

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