Kit No. 72073 Preview by Doug Chaltry

Another one of ARMO's "new breed" of models, this post-war Soviet jeep is a gorgeous kit. The interior is completely detailed, and it comes with a highly detailed engine as well. There is a multitude of parts, for the most part very well cast, although most of the wheels have a single air bubble along the outer edge that will take some careful filling. The remainder of the small parts appear blemish-free. There are lots of parts, many very small, but all are very detailed.

As is common with many of ARMO's newest kits, it also comes with a fret of etched brass detail parts produced for ARMO by PART. This is a superb addition to an already well-detailed model.

The instructions for the kit are a little plain, but should be adequate for the job. As always, additional reference photos would be good. No decals are included.

Thank you very much to Thomas Braden for sending the review kit.

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Article Last Updated: 11 August 2003