Elefant Correction Set

Manufacturer: ARMO (Kit # 72 506)

Scan by Min Hin Chong, text by Patrick Lee

To be honest with you, I don't find this set very useful. It contains 4 parts, and the parts look like direct copy from the orginal (ESCI/Italeri) with a few corrections. The corrections include:

1. changed the direction of the rear suspansion (opposite to the front and middle),

2. made the chassis taller than the original,

3. reshaped the rear hull plate,

4. corrected the engine deck screen and enlarged the 3 blocks behind it.

The casting quality is not very good, lots of bubbles, and the edges, details are distorted a little bit. But it's cheap though.

(Note from Doug: this revised engine deck is correct for the Ferdinand. So this set is useful for converting the Italeri/ESCI Elefant kit to a Ferdinand, although the modeler will still have to perform a few other alterations as well.)

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