M10A1 Tank Destroyer

Manufacturer: AL.BY Miniatures (Kit #777)

This was one of my first Al.By kits, and I must say, now I understand why everybody is so hyped about these kits. They are fabulous. And now thanks to the extraordinary service of Philip at Tracks & Troops, I own about two dozen of these fine kits.

This particular kit is a conversion designed for the old ESCI Sherman kit. It would work with either the M4A1, or M4A3, but I wouldn't understand why someone would give up one of the rare M4A3's for a conversion. As you can see, several parts are needed from the plastic kit, specifically the lower hull, chassis, wheels and tracks, as well as some of the smaller hull details. The turret is open, which allows for a great view of the interior, so I think the M4A1 kit would be better suited, since it includes some hull interior details, which the A3 doesn't, if I remember correctly. Not much detail is supplied by Al.By for the turret interior. Just the gun breach, gunner's seats, and some ammunition for the turret walls. I'd recommend getting some photos or drawings of the turret interior so the missing detail can be scratchbuilt.

The driver's hull hatch is molded open, if the modeler wants to detail the driving compartment, or place a figure in the open hatch. I recall hearing from one of my viewers who said it was a fairly easy task to alter the gun mount a little bit and make it possible to raise and lower the gun. As the kit comes, the gun is to be glued into a static position.

The differences between this M10A1 kit and Al.By's M10 conversion is the engine deck, and the style of rear turret counterweights. I find it curious that the underside of the engine deck is labeled: "M10A1, M35, M36B1, Ach Mk II." Does this mean that these other vehicles will someday also be released by Al.By? I can only hope so. I would dearly like to see an M36 and Achilles.

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