Manufacturer: Al.By (Kit # 898)

Submitted by Dave Showell

The Al-by Soviet T-28 medium tank, Command version (i.e. with radio) is definitely one of my favourite kits. It has, as you can see, a large number of finely moulded resin parts - note that the individual bogeys are moulded separately (each bogey assembly is three parts). The turret is hollow so it can be built with hatches opened up (no interior detail though). The tracks are resin length-and-link, but the drive and returner wheels come with the track already on. There is a minimum amount of flash, easily removed, and a couple of air bubbles that have to be filled on the back of the hull. The antenna posts are in resin but the antenna itself (not shown) is provided in brass wire. The instructions, shown at the top of the scan, are good, with an exploded view on one side and a detailed line drawing of the tank on the back. This is a "must have" kit for fans of early Soviet armour.

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