StuIG 33 CombiKit

Manufacturer: AL.BY Miniatures (Kit #CK03)

From George Buzby - GBuzby(at)

Several years ago, I was luck enough to buy an AL.BY kit on Ebay for under $20.00.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize at the time how difficult they were to obtain, and now I wish I'd bought the Sherman Firefly and 105mm conversions as well.

I dare not assemble the kit, as one can't obtain these for love or money!  However, it looks pretty straight-forward.  Much of the ESCI Stug III kit will end up in the spare parts box, as the AL.BY pieces replace the entire superstructure of the kit.  There is a little flash, especially on the inside of the upper superstructure and in the hatches, but that could easily be removed.

Although it might sound like heresy, I was a little disappointed when I first opened the kit to find that none the neat stored items shown on the cover art were included in the kit.  Overall, it's a well-done kit of an interesting topic. Definitely buy one, if you get the chance.

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