By Faustnik - jmqtv(at)

Conversion Set for ESCI/ERTL Opel Blitz to make a late FORD G398TS/V3000S 4x2 Truck

Manufacturer: AL.BY (Kit #709)


- 6 Parts moulded in yellow Resin of high Quality
- Packed in a sturdy transparent box.
- No decals, assemble instructions or painting information


While this is a Resin conversion, no information is available, to help the modeller to build the intended item, as some cutting is need in the donor kit, to adapt the cab.

Of course, don't expect also AL.BY to correct the ESCI kit. Another drawback is that the trucks have a different wheelbase, Ford wheelbase is, at 1:72, 55,8mm long while OPEL is at 50mm.

All together, a nice and excellent kit, with high quality of castings and details. The problem, is this times is to get hold of a ESCI Opel Blitz…

As any resin kit, some cleaning of the parts is needed. In my specimen there were no air bubbles and no warping. The interior of the cab is crying for some detailing and/or a driver figure.


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