15 cm sIG 33

By Faustnik - jmqtv(at)iol.pt

Manufacturer: AL.BY Miniatures (Kit #842)



Another German weapon from AL.BY, which together with the 7,5 cm IG 18, formed the backbone of the artillery support in the Grenadiers and PzGrenadiers Regiments.

The version here uses the wheels common both in horse drawn and motorised units.

As any resin kit, some cleaning of the parts is needed. In my specimen there were no air bubbles, and few warping of parts is visible.

In any case, it's an easy model to assemble and detail, using the available photos from several sources, as this was a very common weapon.

As always the shield is just crying for a photo-etched version.


A good model for any collection, either in a diorama or towed. As far as scale is concerned, using the available sources, it's at 1:72.

Highly Recommended

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