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WW2 German 88mm. flak 18/36 ammunition crate

Kit #: 72104 Preview by - Al Magnus

The German 8.8cm Flak 18/36/37 guns are some of the most iconic weapons of World War Two. Most often associated with them are the three round wicker style ammunition crates. This set provides the less familiar wooden variant.

Inside the bag are two resin blocks consisting of four wood style ammunition crates. Three are molded closed and have the tie down strap moulded to one end. The fourth case has an open end with holes for three rounds. On the same mold block are its end panel and tie down strap (refer to the below picture supplied by AGM modelworks).

All the cases have a fine grain cast on their exteriors. Unfortunately there are no decals included, though these should be quite easy to make with a laser printer. There is also no assembly instructions, which might be helpful in identifying the purpose of the two smaller items. Although no suggestions are provided on painting the cases, a browse through the pictures found in reference [1] show you have a lot of leeway here - anything from light or dark coloured wood stain to dark coloured paint - most likely a field green to possibly black.

Dimensions according to reference [1]
  Box     Full Dimensions  
cm (l x w x h)  
Dimensions  1/72
mm (l x w x h)  
Dimensions  kit
mm (l x w x h)  
  8.8cm Flak 18/36     96 x 36 x 14     13.33 x 5.00 x 1.94     13.63 x 5.01 x 2.62  

This makes the width quite close to 1/72 and the length about 1/70, while the depth is oversize at approx. 1/53 scale. As far as I'm concerned, outside of the over scale depth, this set is within my tolerances for 1/72 scale and I can recommend this set for anyone wishing to add that little bit of extra detail to their 8.8cm Flak guns.



Preview sample supplied by AGN modelworks.

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Article Last Updated: 08 September 2019