New Decals from ACE

Review by Ilya Grinberg

Ukrainian company ACE, which is well known for it’s modern Soviet/Russian armor kits, just made another bang by releasing a new line of products – this time it is a decal sheet Lend-Lease Tanks in Red Army (ACE D72001). This sheet is packed with emblems, digits, and stencils. Six M3 Stuart tanks, three M3 General Lee tanks, eight M4A2 Sherman tanks, six M3A1 Scout cars, one M2 Halftrack, one M17 halftrack, four Universal carriers, three Valentine IX, four Valentine IV, one Valentine VII, three Matilda tanks, two Ford GPA, and one Willys Jeep are represented – altogether 43 machines (!)

The decals are very well printed. Instruction sheet contains all the profiles with the units’ numbers and theaters of operations. These should be checked, as mistakes are possible (the Shermans of the 1st Tank Corps are misidentified as belonging to the 1st Mechanized Corps).

My only concern is the size of some markings. It seems to me that some (not all!) markings on the ACE’s sheet are a bit undersized (for example, white deer). I recommend checking references to be sure of your choices (the best reference would be Lend-Lease Tanks 1941 – 1945 by Kolomiets and Moschanskiy published by Exprint). I do like Sherman markings with white triangles and numbers 154 (and 148 too!).

My highest marks for this sheet. Highly recommende! After reviewing these decals, I suggest to buy as many of them as you can. Also get these models to decorate them with these excellent transfers!

My other suggestion is to potential importers: please, bring these fine products to the US and other markets!

My thanks to ACE for review sample.

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