Light Tank PzKpfw. II, Sd.Kfz. 121 Ausf C.

Kit #: 72268 Preview by Stripe72
Edited by Al Magnus

The kit has 5 sprues of light grey plastic plus a metal photo-etch sprue for the tracks and vision slots found on the turret and tank body.

This version has the angled front hull, as opposed to the rounded front hull seen on the Attack Kit number 72870. (see the Attack preview here).

The plastic is nicely moulded, but some minor sink marks in the suspension bogies (hopefully not seen with wheels mounted or under a layer of dirt).

The kit comes with a choice of two different rear idlers, one having spokes, the other smooth.

The vision slots are represented by two horizontal bars on the PE, looking at photos it may have been better to have a wide single bar.

There are is some simple detailing of the lower hull interior, such as a seat, floor and wall pattern.

Decals for four versions:

  • 25the Panzer Regiment, 7th Panzer Div, Eastern Front, Autumn 1941 (Panzer grey colour, spoked rear idler, as featured on box art)
  • 11th Panzer Div, Yugoslavia, April 1941 (Panzer grey colour, spoked rear ideler)
  • CO of the 3rd Company 101st Flammpanzer Abteilung, Russia, June 1941 (Panzer Grey, spoked rear idler)
  • 2nd SP AT gun battalion Panzer Regiment, Slovakia 1944
    (Desert sand colour, smooth rear idler. I am not sure but this may a tank in Slovakian Service, not German)

All in all, this should build into a nice kit.

Decal sheet, sprue and photo-etched pictures kindly provided by Henk of Holland.

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Article Last Updated: 28 July 2010