Amphibious Scout Tank PT-76
Kit # 72145 Review by Doug Chaltry

This is my first new ACE kit since I built the T-55, and I am quite impressed with their progress. It seems that the master parts are molded a bit more sharply, and one of my favorite complaints has been dealt with, that being the commander's hatch, which is now molded open (but the driver's is still closed). ACE is one of the few companies that regularly solicits modelers' input, and alters their production standards to reflect the modelers' wants and desires. Well done. One thing I do miss, however, is some photoetched details, which no longer seem to be a standard item in ACE kits (I assume this is meant to drop the cost a small amount). I guess we have to keep PART and Extratech in business :-)

(By the way, this model may in fact represent a PT-76B, since there are no external differences between the late model PT-76 and the PT-76B.)

A reminder: ACE kits are limited-run. This means that the molding quality is not going to be to the same standards as with the large plastic model companies. There is plenty of flash, and some of the parts will need to be carefully sanded to fit with the others. However, unlike some other limited-run kits I have seen, the high quality of the master parts for the ACE kits is readily apparent. The detail on the plastic parts is abundant, and for the most part, fairly sharp. I include this paragraph in every ACE model kit preview so that reader's will be aware of what to expect when they buy these kits. But I must say that I am most impressed with this model, and greatly look forward to seeing it built (and preferably build it myself).

I won't be able to measure the overall dimensions until the model is built, but based on measurements of some component parts (such as turret, upper hull width, etc.), it scales out perfectly to 1/72nd (according to Bronekollektsiya #3.2000).

Markings are included for SIX different vehicles, including some esoteric subjects, such as North Vietnam (1969) and Indonesia. This is a very welcome change from models that include only a couple, or even only one, marking option.

Thank you very much to Maurice Metzger for providing the review kit!

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Last Updated: 15 May 2005