Kit # 72144 Review by Doug Chaltry

Based on ACE's earlier MT-LB kit, this model represents an "urban combat" version of the most ubiquitous MT-LB armored vehicle. The majority of the kit is the same as the earlier model:

The wheels and tracks are very well made, and the entire kit is very highly detailed. The following sprue is unique to this kit, and while several sinkholes are present, the parts are quite detailed:

A small fret of photoetched brass parts is included:

No decals are included, and painting diagrams are shown for two vehicles of the Russian Army in 2002. This is a wicked looking vehicle, and will build into an awesome model.

I have compared this kit to the scale drawings of the MT-LB within the Russian book, Bronekollektsiya #4/2000 - Soviet Armor 1945-1995, and confirmed it with Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide, and this kit scales out exactly to 1/72nd.

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Last Updated: 15 May 2005