AT-3 Sagger
  Kit # 72138

The BRDM-2 was one of the first models released by ACE many years ago. Since its initial release, many of the parts for these kits have undergone improvements, both to the masters and the molds. Although I own several of the old BRDM-2 kits, I have yet to post previews of them, so this preview of the relatively new AT-3 Sagger will show you all the new parts that are included in all the BRDM-2 derivatives. (Note: AT-3 Sagger is the NATO designation for this vehicle; the Russians call it the 9P122.)

The following two sprues are included in all BRDM-2 kits:

The sprue on the left with the hull parts is getting a little old, and you can see that it has more flash and molding imperfections than the newer kit parts. But considering that this is a limited-run model, the quality of the molding is actually quite good. The sprue on the right holds all of the chassis parts, except for the tires that have now been replaced by rubber parts. This is one of the revised sprues, and has better molding quality than the parts in my older BRDM kits.

Here are the new, beautifully detailed tires:

The final sprues hold the new parts for this version of the BRDM, and consist of a new upper hull, plus all the internal parts for the anti-tank guided missile launcher.

As always, ACE gives the modeler a superb choice of modeling subjects, and markings are included for seven nationalities, including Cuban, Syrian, Iraqi, East German, Czechoslovakian, Israeli and Soviet. Although the decals are thin, this particular sheet has registration problems, with only the white and black colors being correctly printed.

My sincere thanks to Chris Kowall for the providing the review item.

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