German Lion Heavy Tank

Kit #: 72031 Preview by Henk Timmerman - contact(dot)henkofholland(at)gmail(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

5MHobby/EMEWE is a resin producer from China mainly producing kits which are not released by most of the other manufacturers. Subjects mainly cover prototypes and experimental vehicles used or planned during the WW-II war period.

The early releases of the 5MHobby kits had some problems in accuracy or in casting. Later releases have shown that 5Mhobby has learned a lot and the kits are of a much better quality.

Kit 72031 is for the German Panzer VII "Löwe", a drawing table concept vehicle intended to be one of the planned versions to eventually replace the Tiger II. From February to May of 1942, six different designs were considered, all based on the requirements for Löwe. On March 5/6th of 1942, the order for heavier tank was placed. Project Löwe was cancelled in July of 1942. The 6 different designs were based on existing drawings of his designers.

The kit comes in a carton box and contains 23 parts.

  • The model is cast in yellow resin
  • There is an instruction manual and painting guide
  • There are no decals
  • There are no tools
The hull is cast as one single piece and the casting is upside down leaving the plug on the bottom of the hull. The upper side and sidewalls are without air bubbles or flash. The underside (casting side) of the hull has a casting bloc. It will be necessary to delete the casting blocs and to rework the belly of the body.

Both the track units and the outer road wheels are separatly cast. A possible weak point comes from the track units being cast upside down, with the result that the tracks are missing details on inside. There is some flash between the tracks and wheels that you have to clean carefully. The two hatches on hull and one on the turret are open. All parts are well cast. The pictures on the construction manual shows you the pictures of the parts and construction.

On the model the gun is not movable but fixed. On the turret I have added to also some small details as lifting eyes.

The lack on information about the original vehicle or any drawings prevents me from determining if the model has the correct dimensions.

In my pre-production example an instruction manual not included.

In conclusion, this is a nice interesting kit for many modelers and collectors.


[1] Achtungpanzer.com

Preview sample supplied by 5mHobby/EMEWE.

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Article Last Updated: 27 April 2013