F036 Waterloo 1815 List
Waterloo 1815
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Soft plastic figures from Italy, some sets however are in fairly hard plastic.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AP 001 Italian Cavalry WWII 10 figures and 10 horses in fairly hard plastic      
AP 002 Folgore Division Infantry 1942        
AP 003 WWII Japanese 70mm Gun 16 figures and 2 guns in fairly hard plastic      
AP 004 Folgore Division Light Artillery 1942 21 figures and 3 Cannone da 47/32 M35 guns      
AP 006 Italian Infantry (at El Alamein)        
AP 007 WWII Italian Infantry This set is the same as Airfix Italian Infantry, but in a Waterloo 1815 box.      
AP 010 X Mas 43/45 WWII Italian fascist RSI division      
AP 016 Italian Infantry El Alamein        
AP 019 Italian Infantry WWI        
AP 022 Japanese Infantry WWII        
AP 024 Italian 149/40 WWII Artillery 9 figures and 1 gun in fairly hard plastic      
AP 025 WWII German Cavalry (Set 1) 12 figures with 6 horses in fairly hard plastic Preview    
AP 027 US Marines 44/45        
AP 031 WWII US Mountain Troops 27 figures and 3 multipose mules in fairly hard plastic      
AP 036 British Paratroopers with Pack Howitzer, Welbike & M18 Paracaisson trailer 18 figures and 3 guns in fairly hard plastic Preview    
AP 037 Italian Tank, Vehicle and Artillery Crews 18 figures in hard plastic meant to complement tanks and vehicles      
AP 038 WWII American 75mm Mountain Gun 3 guns and 12 figures in fairly hard plastic.      
AP 040 Italian Infantry in campaign dress WWII        
AP 042
WW1 Italian Cavalry
AP 043
WW1 Italian Infantry        
AP 055 Italian Regia Aeronautica Pilots & Ground Grew        
AP 057 WW1 Alpini        
AP 060 Mussolini This set represents Mussolini and the Black Shirts during the March on Rome      
AP 105 British Colonial Camel Corps        
P006 Mussolini resin copies of the original Atlantic figures      
P006 Hitler Brownshirts resin copies of the original Atlantic figures      

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