W.A. Productions
Resin kits from France. If anybody has any further information about these kits, especially contact information for the company, please send it in.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
  Charron 1906 French Armoured Car      
  Garford 1915 Russian Armored Car      
  Rolls Royce 1915      
  Schneider Mod. 1917 tank      
  A.V. 7      
  Fiat 2000 Mod. 1917      
  Bilbao Mod. 1932 Spanish Armoured Vehicle      
  Kfz. 13/14 Mod. 1932 German Car      
  Renault Mod. 1933 Tank Sturdy cardboard box and great instructions (1/72 scale plans, photocopied pictures, assembly help). The quality is really not too bad, only very few and tiny airbubbles, as far as I can juge from the in-box point of preview. No decals included. - Christoph Fehr Preview  
  Romanian R-1 Tank      
  Belgian T-15 Mod. 1935 Tank      
  Dutch DAF M39 Mod. 1939 AC      
  NA ISPUG Mod. 1941 Soviet SPG (?)      

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Kit list last updated 17 August 2008