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Resin diorama accessory items from Italy.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
STM72001 Atlantic wall Tobruk for MG        
STM72002 Atlantic wall bunker with tank turret R-35        
STM72003 Soviet bunker "Stalin line" with 2 embrasures for MG        
STM72004 Atlantic wall bunker with Pak sk47 Skoda        
STM72005 Gun emplacement for light Flak 20mm or 37mm with shelter        
STM72006 Gun emplacement for German Flak 88mm        
STM72007 Combo kit German Flak emplacement for 20mm and pillbox for MG        
STM72008 Italian WWII bunker for MG with road block walls        
STM72009 Check point with road block wall (Middle East and Balkans)        
STM72010 Combo kit 2 German tank turrets (ground level line) with 2 sandbags positions        
STM72011 Ruined stone wall        
STM72012 German bunker with tank turret R-35 and trench        
STM72013 Soviet bunker "Stalin line" with trench        
STM72014 German bunker "Tobruk" and trench        
STM72015 Corner and main entrance of gothic cathedral        
STM72016 Destroyed European Building        
STM72017North African desert command post
STM72018 Railroad base with crossing        
STM72019North African Desert MG Post 1940-43
STM72022 Scenic base "European town" with sidewalks        
STM72024 Wooden bridge with 2 stone riversides        
STM72025 Mortar pit with shelter (81mm weapon)        

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Kit list last updated 20 January 2014