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Scale Model Accessories (SMA). Marketed as SSP (Small Scale Productions) from England. Better known for their line of white metal 1/76th scale vehicles and accessories, they have a small number of 1/72nd items in their line-up. SMA also markets some decals that can be used for both 1/72nd and 1/76th scales.

Company closed for business in 2007. Apparently their small scale line was taken over by Matador Models.

Set Number Set Name Comments Previews Reviews
22 German License Plates Etched brass.    
45 British 17pdr Ammo White metal.    
74 German Command Pennants Etched brass.    
121 Panther D/A Engine Grills Etched brass for Revell kit.    
122 Panther G Engine Grills Etched brass for Revell kit.    
123 Tiger I Engine Grills Etched brass for Revell kits.    
142 Etched Tie Downs      
143 Etched Machinegun Sights      
144 Etched Machinegun Belts      
145 Etched Jerry Can Holders      
168 Desert Kübelwagen accessories White metal. Preview  
169 Panzer IV Ausf. J Sideskirts For Revell Kit     
170 Panzer IV Solid Sideskirts For Revell Kit     
172 PE Antitank Screens for Russian Tanks      

Set Number Set Name Comments Previews Reviews
12 German Convoy Markings      
18 US Vehicle Markings Set #1      
27 US Jeep Signs & Markings      
28 US Vehicle Markings - Yellow      
39 Free French Markings      
40 Russian Markings      
46 German Road Signs Set #1      
47 German Road Signs Set #2      
72 Early German Vehicle Markings      
73 German Softskin Markings      
94 US Stars      
107 Allied & Axis Red Cross Markings      
158 German tactical markings      
159 US truck markings      
181 Soviet Tank Decals for T-24, JS-2 etc      

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